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Chinese Horoscopes 2012

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tiger Love Compatibility 2012

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Best Tiger Love Match: Horse, Dog, Pig and Tiger

Average Tiger Love Match: Rabbit, Dragon, Goat and Rat

Bad Tiger Love Match: Monkey, Snake, Ox and Rooster

Tiger and Rat: A Rat forms an average sort of love match with a Chinese Tiger in 2012. Chinese Rats tend to follow their own ways of doing things that will be mostly criticized by the Chinese Tigers.

Tiger and Ox: A Chinese Tiger partner has the potential to live in love with a Chinese Ox partner in 2012. Chinese Tiger will be dominating but the Chinese Ox will be ready to cooperate with him or her.

Tiger and Tiger: When two Chinese Tiger people are bonded in a love relationship, they tend to give trouble to each other due to their ego clashes. Chinese Tiger Love Compatibility 2012 with another Tiger has just a 50% successful rate.

Tiger and Rabbit: Chinese Rabbits are too timid for the ferocious Chinese Tiger people that they will agree to whatever the Tigers will say. In other words, this love relationship has chances to work due to the submissive nature of one partner.

Tiger and Dragon: Chinese Tiger Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Dragon has an average chance to work out. Both these people have an opposite nature and this will result in difficulty in adjustments in day to day life.

Tiger and Snake: Chinese Tigers have the least chance to live a romantic and happy love life with a Chinese Snake in 2012. Seriously speaking, a love relationship between these two is not recommended at all.

Tiger and Horse: As per Tiger Love Compatibility 2012, Chinese Horses will form an ideal partner for the Chinese Tigers. Despite of the opposite likings, these people will gel well and understand each other.

Tiger and Goat: Chinese Goats or Rams will form an average love pair with Chinese Tigers in 2012. Chinese Tigers will try to curb the needs and urges of the timid Chinese Goats which will result in dissatisfaction in their love life.

Tiger and Monkey: The naughty Chinese Monkeys will not be liked by the dominating Chinese Tigers in a love match in 2012. Tiger Chinese Love Match 2012 with a Chinese Monkey is not suggested due to many conflicts between the two.

Tiger and Rooster: A Chinese Rooster will not form an ideal partner for the ferocious Chinese Tigers in2 012. Tiger Chinese Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Rooster will be full of lots of confusions and tensions.

Tiger and Dog: As per Tiger Romantic Love Match 2012, Chinese Dogs are truly made for the Chinese Tigers. Both these people will be appreciated in the society for their brilliant tuning and understanding.

Tiger and Pig: Chinese Tigers and Pigs are like made for each other couple in 2012. Both will support each other in their professions and will also share responsibilities at home.

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