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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snake Love Compatibility 2012

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Best Snake Love Match: Rooster, Monkey, Ox and Snake

Average Snake Love Match: Dog, Goat, Dragon and Rat

Bad Snake Love Match: Tiger, Pig, Horse and Rabbit

Snake and Rat: As per Chinese Snake Love Match 2012, Chinese Rats are not going to gel well with a Chinese Snake partner. Both these people are poles apart in terms of views and interests.

Snake and Ox: Ox Chinese Romantic Match 2012 with a Chinese Snake will be like a match made in heaven with hardly any flaws. Both these people will be liked by others too for their perfect understanding.

Snake and Tiger: Chinese Tigers have the least chance to live a romantic and happy love life with a Chinese Snake in 2012. Seriously speaking, a love relationship between these two is not recommended at all.

Snake and Rabbit: Chinese Snake Love Match 2012 with a Chinese Rabbit has very less chances to succeed in 2012. Chinese Snakes will try to act too smart which will not be tolerated by the genuine Rabbits.

Snake and Dragon: Chinese Snakes will form an average partner for the dramatic Chinese Dragons in 2012. Both these people will be not able to handle each other’s demands in a love relationship but time can keep them together with a little tuning.

Snake and Snake: Chinese Snake Love Match 2012 with another Snake will be a good match that will be really fulfilling. Both these will have some insecurities but nothing will come in between their love life.

Snake and Horse: Chinese Horse people will be too difficult to be handled by Chinese Snakes in 2012. Snake Chinese Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Horse will have average chances to succeed.

Snake and Goat: As per Chinese Love Compatibility 2012, Snakes and Goats will be too sensual for each other. There is possibility of some disturbances in their love life due to a third person.

Snake and Monkey: Chinese Monkeys and Chinese Snakes will gel well despite of their opposite natures. Both these people will be intensely in love with each other and might do anything for the sake of each other.

Snake and Rooster: According to Snake Romantic Compatibility 2012, Chinese Roosters will be like a partner made in heaven for the Snakes. Both these people enjoy going on romantic ventures in the coming year.

Snake and Dog: Chinese Dogs will be able to surrender to the requirements of Chinese Snakes in the Chinese New Year 2012. Both these people will find no difficulty in adjusting to each other needs.

Snake and Pig: Chinese Snakes will find it hard to adjust to the needs of the Chinese Pigs in 2012. Pig Chinese Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Snake will have the least chances to succeed in 2012.

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