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Chinese Horoscopes 2012

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rooster Love Compatibility 2012

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Best Rooster Love Match: Snake, Ox, Dragon and Rooster

Average Rooster Love Match: Horse, Rat, Pig and Tiger

Bad Rooster Love Match: Dog, Rabbit, Goat and Monkey

Rooster and Rat: A Chinese Rooster partner will be compatible with a Chinese Rat person in the coming year 2012. Both these people will like to support each other in their professional ventures.

Rooster and Ox: A Chinese Rooster partner will be excellent for a shy Chinese Ox person in the year 2012. Rooster Chinese Romantic Match 2012 with a Chinese Ox will go for a long way with a lot of romantic tours.

Rooster and Tiger: A Chinese Rooster will not form an ideal partner for the ferocious Chinese Tigers in2 012. Rooster Chinese Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Tiger will be full of lots of confusions and tensions.

Rooster and Rabbit: A Chinese Rabbit with a Chinese Rooster is like a rat followed by a cat. In other words, this will be a ferocious love match in which one will always be at a loss and one will always tend to pose a fear to the other.

Rooster and Dragon: Exciting Chinese Dragons will be bit tough for the Chinese Roosters but gradually they will form a great love pair. Rooster Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Dragon will be one of the best love compatibilities in 2012.

Rooster and Snake: According to Rooster Romantic Compatibility 2012, Chinese Snakes will be like a partner made in heaven for the Roosters. Both these people enjoy going on romantic ventures in the coming year.

Rooster and Horse: A Chinese Rooster and a Chinese Horse person will be extremely supportive for each other in a love relationship. Both these people will not try to mend the gaps in their mentality for a romantic love life.

Rooster and Goat: Rooster Love Match 2012 with a Chinese Goat will be hard to go on for a long time. The cunning Chinese Rooster will try to dominate the shy and genuine Chinese Goats.

Rooster and Monkey: Rooster Chinese Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Monkey will have a very less chance of success. Both these people are full of egos that will result in clashes between the two.

Rooster and Rooster: Two Chinese Roosters together in a Chinese Love Match 2012 will face a love life full of conflicts. Since, both these people will think that they are right in their own ways, they will not try to compromise with each other.

Rooster and Dog: Rooster Chinese Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Dog has an average rate of success. The disorganized Chinese Dogs will be disliked by the well organized Chinese Roosters.

Rooster and Pig: Chinese Pigs will not form a good love match with the Chinese Roosters in the year 2012. There will be a lot of tension and conflicts between these two opposite natured people.

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