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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rat Love Compatibility 2012

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Best Rat Love Match: Dragon, Ox, Monkey and Rat

Average Rat Love Match: Rooster, Dog, Pig and Tiger

Bad Rat Love Match: Horse, Goat, Snake and Rabbit

Rat and Rat: Chinese Rats tend to form a perfect love match together in 2012. Both these people are compromising to each other for fulfilling their own dreams very easily.

Rat and Ox: Chinese Rat Compatibility 2012 with an Ox will be good with not many disputes between the two. Chinese Ox people will be ready to share their everything with the non-quarrelling Chinese Rat people.

Rat and Tiger: A Rat forms an average sort of love match with a Chinese Tiger in 2012. Chinese Rats tend to follow their own ways of doing things that will be mostly criticized by the Chinese Tigers.

Rat and Rabbit: A Rat is not made for a Rabbit in a Love Match. In other words, Chinese Rat Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Rabbit will not go on for a long time.

Rat and Dragon: Chinese Rats and Chinese Dragons are like a match made in heaven with so many similarities in likings and disliking that everything between them will run smoothly in 2012.

Rat and Snake: As per Chinese Rat Love Match 2012, Chinese Rats are not going to gel well with a Chinese Snake partner. Both these people are poles apart in terms of views and interests.

Rat and Horse: Rats are not suggested to get married to Chinese Horse people in 2012 because of some disturbing planetary movements. Both these people will hardly adjust to each other’s ways in long term.

Rat and Goat: Rat Chinese Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Goat will not work well due to lack of cooperation from both sides. Both these people first need to understand each other’s mind sets and then think to go forward in this love relationship.

Rat and Monkey: Chinese Monkey will form a good and friendly life partner for Chinese Rat people in the year 2012. Both these people will live life happily like two best friends living together without any fights.

Rat and Rooster: A Chinese Rooster partner will be compatible with a Chinese Rat person in the coming year 2012. Both these people will like to support each other in their professional ventures.

Rat and Dog: Chinese love compatibility between a Rat and a Dog has average chances of working out in 2012. These people might face initial disturbances due to lack of support from the family but sooner everything will go well between them.

Rat and Pig: A Chinese Pig person will take some time to gel well in terms of love with a Chinese Rat person in 2012. Rat Chinese Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Pig will have fair chances of succeeding in the year 2012 and many coming years.

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