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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Rabbit Love Compatibility 2012

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Best Rabbit Love Match: Goat, Dog, Pig and Rabbit

Average Rabbit Love Match: Monkey, Tiger, Horse and Rat

Bad Rabbit Love Match: Rooster, Dragon, Ox and Snake

Rabbit and Rat: A Rat is not made for a Rabbit in a Love Match. In other words, Chinese Rabbit Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Rat will not go on for a long time.

Rabbit and Ox: Chinese Rabbit Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Ox will hardly work due to lack of similarities between these two people. Both these people will not care for each other’s sentiments.

Rabbit and Tiger: Chinese Rabbits are too timid for the ferocious Chinese Tiger people that they will agree to whatever the Tigers will say. In other words, this love relationship has chances to work due to the submissive nature of one partner.

Rabbit and Rabbit: Two Chinese Rabbits in a love match are like icing on a cake. Both these people are humble and caring for each other beyond limits that there will be hardly any chance for failure of this love relationship.

Rabbit and Dragon: Chinese Dragons are not going to suit well to the needs of Chinese Rabbits in terms of emotions, physical and financial desires. Both these people are ways apart from each other.

Rabbit and Snake: Chinese Rabbit Love Match 2012 with a Chinese Snake has very less chances to succeed in 2012. Chinese Snakes will try to act too smart which will not be tolerated by the genuine Rabbits.

Rabbit and Horse: Rabbits will form an average sort of love pair with Chinese Rabbits in 2012. Though, the Horses will not be ready to compromise their freedom with the Rabbits, they will be easily seduced by them.

Rabbit and Goat: Chinese Rams or Goats will be a perfect life partner for Chinese Rabbits in 2012. There will be many similarities between the two and this will form the basis of a strong love match between the two.

Rabbit and Monkey: Since, Chinese Rabbits and Monkeys are pole opposites, there will be least chances of a romantic love match between the two. Rabbit Love Compatibility 2012 with a Monkey is not recommended.

Rabbit and Rooster: A Chinese Rabbit with a Chinese Rooster is like a rat followed by a cat. In other words, this will be a ferocious love match in which one will always be at a loss and one will always tend to pose a fear to the other.

Rabbit and Dog: Chinese Rabbit Romantic Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Dog is going to last for a longer time. They both will be honest, loyal and too passionate for each other, what else is required in a love match?

Rabbit and Pig: As per Chinese Rabbit Love Match 2012 with a Pig, these will be an excellent love match. Both will be able to satisfy each other and will also undergo many romantic tours and adventure together.

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