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Chinese Horoscopes 2012

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monkey Love Compatibility 2012

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Best Monkey Love Match: Snake, Dragon, Rat and Monkey

Average Monkey Love Match: Goat, Rabbit, Ox and Horse

Bad Monkey Love Match: Pig, Tiger, Dog and Rooster

Monkey and Rat: Chinese Monkey will form a good and friendly life partner for Chinese Rat people in the year 2012. Both these people will live life happily like two best friends living together without any fights.

Monkey and Ox: Monkey Chinese Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Ox has average chances of working out in a great way. They will require a lot of patience to make this relationship work in a long lasting way.

Monkey and Tiger: The naughty Chinese Monkeys will not be liked by the dominating Chinese Tigers in a love match in 2012. Monkey Chinese Love Match 2012 with a Chinese Tiger is not suggested due to many conflicts between the two.

Monkey and Rabbit: Since, Chinese Rabbits and Monkeys are pole opposites, there will be least chances of a romantic love match between the two. Monkey Love Compatibility 2012 with a Rabbit is not recommended.

Monkey and Dragon: As per Monkey Romantic Compatibility 2012, Chinese Dragons will be ideal for these people in terms of love. There are very less chances of ego clashes and disputes between these two in this love relationship.

Monkey and Snake: Chinese Monkeys and Chinese Snakes will gel well despite of their opposite natures. Both these people will be intensely in love with each other and might do anything for the sake of each other.

Monkey and Horse: As per Chinese Love Compatibility 2012, Chinese Horses and Chinese Monkeys will have just 50% chances of success in terms of love. Both these people will be very temperamental and egoistic towards each other.

Monkey and Goat: A Chinese Monkey will not form an ideal love match for a Chinese Goat in 2012. Monkey’s cleverness will not be handled by the timid Goat in this love bond causing tension.

Monkey and Monkey: When two Chinese Monkeys are bonded in a love match, the connection will be too strong initially to be handled, however, everything will be in perfect situation very soon for a long lasting love relationship.

Monkey and Rooster: Monkey Chinese Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Rooster will have a very less chance of success. Both these people are full of egos that will result in clashes between the two.

Monkey and Dog: Chinese Dogs will form an ideal partner for the Chinese Monkeys in the Chinese New Year 2012. Despite of their different of opinions, both these people will try to adjust to each other.

Monkey and Pig: Chinese Monkey Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Pig will have an average chance of success. These two will be extremely passionate in the bedroom and will be very fond of each other.

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