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Chinese Horoscopes 2012

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Horse Love Compatibility 2012

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Best Horse Love Match: Goat, Dog, Tiger and Horse

Average Horse Love Match: Dragon, Rabbit, Rooster and Snake

Bad Horse Love Match: Pig, Rat, Ox and Monkey

Horse and Rat: Rats are not suggested to get married to Chinese Horse people in 2012 because of some disturbing planetary movements. Both these people will hardly adjust to each other’s ways in long term.

Horse and Ox: Chances are very less for a Chinese Love Chemistry 2012 between a Chinese Ox and Chinese Horse to work out in 2012. Both these people will feel suffocated in each other’s company.

Horse and Tiger: As per Horse Love Compatibility 2012, Chinese Tigers will form an ideal partner for the Chinese Horses. Despite of the opposite likings, these people will gel well and understand each other.

Horse and Rabbit: Rabbits will form an average sort of love pair with Chinese Rabbits in 2012. Though, the Horses will not be ready to compromise their freedom with the Rabbits, they will be easily seduced by them.

Horse and Dragon: As per Horse Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Dragon, these people will be socially very active but personally they will take time to come close to each other. Success rate for this compatibility is 80%.

Horse and Snake: Chinese Horse people will be too difficult to be handled by Chinese Snakes in 2012. Horse Chinese Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Snake will have average chances to succeed.

Horse and Horse: Two Horse people in a love bond will be immensely fond of each other. Chinese Horse Love Compatibility 2012 predicts a smooth going love relationship between horses in 2012.

Horse and Goat: A Chinese Goat person will be very sensual for the Chinese Horse in such a love bond in 2012. Horse Chinese Romantic Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Ram will be full of adventure and fun.

Horse and Monkey: As per Chinese Love Compatibility 2012, Chinese Horses and Chinese Monkeys will have just 50% chances of success in terms of love. Both these people will be very temperamental and egoistic towards each other.

Horse and Rooster: A Chinese Rooster and a Chinese Horse person will be extremely supportive for each other in a love relationship. Both these people will not try to mend the gaps in their mentality for a romantic love life.

Horse and Dog: Chinese Dog people are meant for Chinese Pig people and there will be hardly any moment when both these people will be able to stay apart. Horse Chinese Love Compatibility 2012 with a Chinese Dog will be too good.

Horse and Pig: Chinese Pigs are not meant for Chinese Horse people in a love relationship in 2012. There will be constant tension and friction between these two people in the Chinese New Year 2012.

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